Syreeta C's Story

The story is what led me here.

Amidst all that comprised my youth was always creativity. If my nose was not in a book, I could often be found near art. With this interest came a knack for self­expression. I would often grow tired of my clothing after a wear or two and be caught fashioning it into something new, whether for my dolls or me. There was no elder honing these skills with me from a young age, but rather an innate curiosity and desire for exploration. People inquire, “How did you get into fashion?” But I believe it was more so fashion getting into me.

I excelled academically and attended high school on a science and technology scholarship, yet fashion was never far away. My dream was to become a doctor until I attended Syracuse University’s Summer College for High School Students. It was about 2 days into the 6­week program when I called my parents saying, “This is it.” My decision was to pursue passion.

I continued to Syracuse University and earned a BFA in Fashion Design with a minor in Entrepreneurship & Emerging Enterprises at the Whitman School of Business and a concentration in the Fashion Communications Milestone program, graduating Magna Cum Laude. I also studied abroad at London College of Fashion, where I left with recognition in draping.

This narrative is reflected in Syreeta C | Fashion. An appreciation of engineering is visible in my knack for quality construction, tailoring, and keen eye. Self­expression drives my custom design production. Take the metaphor: the wearer as the messenger and fashion as the medium, for we all have a story to be told. Fashion tells an individual's unique story ­ where you're from, where you're going, your culture, your ideals... who you are. It has the ability to break barriers ­ language and otherwise ­and communicate more accurately than the most colorful of words. I love being the translator for my custom clientele.

My portfolio collections are reflective of my own personal journey through life and the world around me. I enjoy contrast just as much as cohesion and often explore this balance in design. There is an intrigue in small parts & details coming together to create a whole; the same way words come together to create a story. Each piece holds great importance, for without it, the story wouldn't be the same.

Syreeta C | Fashion is an edgy, yet sophisticated brand that specializes in couturier services. I created it to tell the story of the modern woman ­ bringing a renewed tailored attention to the expression of each distinctive wearer.